Investment in research and innovation is important

The research and innovation sector has proven its ability to elevate Cyprus as one of the emerging economies based on innovation

The importance of investing in research and innovation for a sustainable economy and for society was underlined by the General Secretary of AKEL and the President of the Cyprus Institute, during the visit of a party delegation to the Institute.

The President of the Cyprus Institute, Stavros Malas stated that the visit took place in the context of their obligation to inform all political forces about its work. "We believe that the research and innovation sector has proven to elevate our country as one of the emerging economies, based on innovation," he added. "The Cyprus Institute has demonstrated a very remarkable work in the last 15 years and from the measurable data it is now one of the most competitive institutions, not only in Cyprus, but also in Europe, in research areas that are of great importance to the country's economy ", write down.

"We consider it an obligation to inform you, to inoculate you with thoughts regarding the future of the country", said Mr. Malas, addressing Mr. Stefanos and the AKEL delegation. "The difficult times that we are going through as a country under special circumstances, force us to have a robust economy and the experience of many European countries has proven that the field of research and innovation can support the production of policy with science so that the right decisions can be made for a sustainable economy", he pointed out.

The General Secretary of AKEL stated that he is visiting the Cyprus Institute for the second time and stated that from the very first time he was impressed by the very valuable work that it does, as a center of excellence, which has succeeded in a short period of time to be recognized for this work and internationally. "This is a commendation that goes to the work of the Institute's contributors, researchers, scientists, the entire staff and guidance of the Institute which appears in practice to be both well-planned and really helping to do an important job," he noted.

Whenever the Cyprus Institute receives praise and is recognized for its work abroad, this means praise and recognition for Cyprus, he said. That is why he wanted to give the designation, as he said, to the Institute of the Ambassador of Cyprus internationally. "It highlights our country, but also the potential it has in a very critical sector for the economy, but also for society, such as the area of ​​research and innovation."

Mr. Stefanou agreed with the opinion that countries that have invested in research and innovation have managed not just to have great growth, but to have a sustainable economy characterized by an important fact: investment is made, there is growth, but the resources that we they help us to have this growth, they are not used up, they are not wasted, but we also have for the next generations the material and the possibility to continue this growth.

This, he added, is what is needed in Cyprus, to have a sustainable, strong economy, to invest in research and innovation so that we can have the possibility as a state to support society and especially the new generation. As we talk about Institutes and research and innovation, he said, our minds go to the new generation.

It is important, said Mr. Stefanou, that they are invited to visit the Cyprus Institute so that the politicians understand the importance of supporting the centers of excellence, investment in the area of ​​research and innovation from their own resources. AKEL does it, he said, and will continue to do it because it appreciates the work of the Cyprus Institute and the importance of investing as a country in research and innovation.



16 November 2023