Medical Care

A high level of medical care is one of the main advantages and achievements of Cyprus. The quality of services provided is no lower than in clinics in Germany, Israel and the United States. Assistance is provided in both public and private clinics. The activities of medical organizations are monitored by the national health service.

Government agencies provide medical care to everyone without exception, regardless of whether you are a resident or not. Lack of insurance will also not be an obstacle to the provision of services. Thanks to increased attention from the authorities in recent years, it has been possible to significantly improve the efficiency of patient care. Almost all institutions are equipped with modern medical equipment, there is no shortage of qualified personnel. Quality assistance can be obtained even in the remotest corner of the country.

The activities of the private segment of Cypriot medicine are under the constant control of the Ministry of Health, licenses for private practice are issued to small hospitals, major hospitals, independent specialists, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. In addition to the high quality of the services provided, the main advantage of private medical care is the absence of queues and an individual approach to the patient.

Private clinics can directly interact with insurance companies, paying for patient care. Perhaps this is with inpatient medical services. For outpatient treatment in a private clinic, the patient pays for the services himself, and provides the checks to the insurance fund, which reimburses the costs.

One of the features of the medical system of Cyprus is the introduction of special cards that allow you to receive care in public clinics. Different types of cards (blue, pink) provide for a list of services for a specific category of patients. The authorities of the country have developed a bill in accordance with which it is planned to introduce compulsory health insurance for all residents of Cyprus.

Cyprus has public and private health insurance programs. Contributions to the state insurance fund are paid by the employer. The employee is entitled to receive free care at all government clinics. Also, EU citizens who have health insurance in their country can count on free assistance. For non-residents of Cyprus free service is not provided. Foreigners can be treated on a commercial basis and under policies issued by private insurance companies.

There are two types of insurance policies in Cyprus: stationary and ambulatory coverage. Different insurance and the amount of coverage. It is worth noting that the presence of private medical insurance makes it possible to receive medical care in all EU countries.

When buying an insurance policy, you should carefully read the terms of medical expenses.