Title Deeds

The process of registration of real estate in Cyprus is significantly different from other European countries. It is carried out in two stages: the signing of a sales contract and obtaining the Title Deed, which is also called the certificate of registration of real estate.

A Title Deed is an official document confirming the ownership of real estate in the Republic of Cyprus. Title Deeds are issued for all legally acquired properties and contain information on the owner, location and size of the property, as well as the registration number recorded in the Department of Land Resources of Cyprus. In accordance with local law after signing the Sales Contract, the owner has the right to own and dispose of the property belonging to him.

Obtaining a Title Deed excludes the possibility of selling, mortgaging or renting real estate without the knowledge of the owner. In addition, obtaining the Title Deed is the most important stage of property registration and the primary task for any buyer of real estate in Cyprus.

Here at Quastilo we understand the significance of this procedure and we are ready to offer our expertise and do all compulsory work to ensure a smooth transfer of the property rights in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.

Cooperating with Quastilo guarantees the successful execution of real estate transactions without any risks:

Set a risk free course

  • Considering mainly freehold properties;
  • Making sure that the relevant building and planning permits are in place;
  • Option to receive bank waiver on the acquired property;
  • Setting guarantees of the issuance of the Certificate of Final Approval.