Build Your Own

The way how a house is designed and then completed are some of the most important factors that make a house to feel home; to be comfortable and appealing and at the same time, to reflect the style and character of those who inhabit it.

Our associate team of certified architects, constructors and technical consultants are constantly analyzing the current trends in their respective fields and offer our customers solutions using high-quality finishing materials and the latest interior design technologies.

The BUILD YOUR OWN Programme has been specially developed to serve clients who do not wish to buy a ready property; clients who instead prefer to buy a plot of their own preference and then with the help and support of our designated team of architects, constructors and technical consultants to custom-design and build their dream home.

For this purpose, Quastilo created the KOMFORT & KLASS packages. KOMFORT refers to the Comfort Class category and KLASS refers to the Business Class category. Through its KOMFORT package, Quastilo offers affordable elegance accessible for family living or for long-term investment while through its KLASS package, it boasts a selection of finishes addressed to the high-end buyer. The design and materials used to ensure comfort and harmony throughout the home.

In addition, the clients have the possibility to choose from a wide selection of high-valued plots in some of the best areas at the best possible prices and at the same time they are provided with a structural specification list as well as a material price list, according to the package of their choice, so they can precisely estimate the overall cost based on the square meters of the property that they wish to build. In this way the clients have full control of the overall process and they are assured that they will enter their dream home on-time and on-budget.

General benefits

  • Attractive locations of great demand;
  • Great plots of high value;
  • Superb construction quality from experienced constructors;
  • Highly aesthetic designs from renowned architects;
  • Flexibility for customizing interior layouts and material selection;
  • Excellent finishing materials from selected suppliers;
  • On-time and on-budget delivery, guaranteed.