Ideal Locations

Quastilo is a real expert in selecting the right properties at the right location, especially as it is one of the most important elements in relation to the property value. Our experts carefully select locations throughout the island based on their investment potential whether it is for a holiday home or a permanent place of residence. Of course, one location doesn’t fit all criteria, so Quastilo offers a number of properties in carefully selected locations in order to meet the various demands of buyers. Property investment isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sector, and this is also true for location; every buyer has their own criteria and we take this into deep consideration.


We want our customers to have quick and easy access to the island’s best features, and more specifically, the places of interest and necessity in Limassol. We look for properties that are close to the beach, shopping and entertainment centers as well as schools. That way, you will have all that you could need right by your doorstep.


What appeals to one person might vary greatly when compared to another; it’s a subjective notion based largely on an individual’s beliefs and emotions. How close a property is to the city’s parks, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and shops; how amazing the views are of the Mediterranean Sea, the Troodos Mountains and hillside of the surrounding villages — each has its own pull. Our large portfolio of properties means that you will find your perfect match, regardless of what you find appealing.


Depending on how close surrounding services and facilities are, that will affect a potential buyer’s opinion of the property. Selecting from our property portfolio, you make sure that your choice is within short distance from the main amenities and comforts the city offers.


Cyprus is considered one of the safest countries within the EU and the wider world, which makes it so appealing to foreign investors. Even here, some areas are more prosperous than others, and with our local knowledge, we carefully select all locations for the properties we list, alleviating the worry from our clients.

School districts

Clients with families and children want properties which have easy and commutable access to schools. The majority of our listings are within close proximity to a number of school options, both private and public.

Demand & Supply

All the criteria points mentioned above can directly affect demand; the number of people wanting to live in a particular area depends on how much the location can meet the demands set by the property buyers. Availability depends on how many properties can be built in a particular location and limited availability and supply simply means that the value of the property purchased will only ever increase.