Contract for the safekeeping of 300,000 town planning files of Nicosia

New collaboration comes as part of the overall effort

The Nicosia District Self-Government Organization (EOA) signed a contract with the Iron Mountain company for the transport and storage of the closed and pending urban planning and building physical files of the Nicosia province.

The announcement states that the new collaboration comes as part of the overall effort to streamline the service transfer procedures in the EOA of Nicosia, in the context of the reform.

By July 1st, all staff employed in the Development Licensing Division of EOA Nicosia will have been transferred to the new, modern office premises on Athalassa Avenue, alongside the transfer of all licensing applications, ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted operation of services.

The 300,000 closed permit files concerning all developments in the Nicosia province will be safely transferred to Iron Mountain's specialized building facilities by the end of September, it is reported.

The Nicosia District Self-Government Organization will be ready and fully operational as planned, ensuring efficient service to the citizens and businesses of the region.

It is added that the use of technology and the reduction of bureaucracy are central pillars of the new organization, with the aim of creating a modern and flexible framework for the development of the capital.



24 May 2024