Construction is starting to build the Salina Park in Larnaca

In the centre of Larnaca, there will be hundreds of square metres of green oasis that have long been neglected and unneeded.

Immediately after the Easter holidays, the construction works of the "Municipal Park SALINA" are scheduled to begin , with a completion horizon of 18 months. The cost of the project amounts to €2,439,687 + VAT. The new park in the heart of Larnaca will be created on the site of the former Residence of the District and Police Director.

"The redevelopment of the space will be such that it becomes a green lung and a point of entertainment, sports, rest and social interaction.

The main aim is to give the area and the city center in general a character and atmosphere that satisfies the expectations of its residents and visitors.

Also, the achievement of sustainability in relation to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life", says the Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, in a post.

Among other things, the design will include:

• areas of active and passive entertainment

• healthy development and revitalization of the urban environment

• improvement and promotion of the area by enriching the existing planting, with appropriate landscaping and by incorporating modern elements that are consistent with the area

• creation of new jobs both during the construction of the park and during its operation, improvement of environmental parameters with proper planning, attraction of residents and visitors of all ages

• expanded access and use for people with disabilities

• functional, aesthetic and qualitative improvement of the space

• correlation of the area with the surrounding area and with the area of ​​the Municipal Garden of Larnaca.



16 March 2023