Changes in health care

The purpose of the bill is to amend the Public Service Law

The Plenary of the Parliament approved a bill and regulations modernizing the legislative framework governing the medical care of public servants, retired public servants, public servants serving outside Cyprus, as well as their family members, the general medical examination of newly appointed public servants and conducting emergency medical examination of existing civil servants.

Specifically, the Plenary of the Parliament unanimously approved the bill with 33 votes in favor, while the relevant regulations passed with 20 votes in favor and 12 abstentions.

Coverage only within GeSY

At the same time, with 18 votes in favor, 15 against and one abstention, an amendment of DISY was approved regarding a regulation according to which public employees and pensioners of the public service, as well as their family members, are entitled to medical care only through the General Health System and not additionally through other legislation or other regulations regulating the provision of free medical care to such persons.

Also, amendments tabled by members of the coalition parties DIKO, EDEK and DIPA were unanimously approved, based on which the date of entry into force of the proposed law is moved from October 1, 2023 to July 1 , 2024, in order to provide a reasonable period of time to competent government agencies to complete the internal procedures and preparatory work for the effective implementation of the proposed regulations, as the date included in the text has passed.

The purpose of the law

It is noted that the purpose of the bill is to amend the Public Service Law, so as to delete the requirement for a chest x-ray during the general medical examination of a person who is offered appointment to the public service.

The purpose of the proposed regulations is to enact new and repeal the Public Service (Medical Examinations and Medical Treatment) Regulations 1989 and 2002, in order to modernize the legislative framework.

Speaking in front of the Plenary, DISY MP Haris Georgiadis said that the GESY has been fully implemented for five years, noting that it is not right for some civil servants to further benefit from other funds at the same time.

He noted that in order to completely correct the distortion, the executive power should file new regulations on the issue and that this is what the amendment tabled by his party is aimed at, in order to send the relevant message to the government.

He also said that with the amendment the message is also given to the citizens, that there cannot be two-speed citizens.

AKEL's parliamentary representative Giorgos Loukaidis, speaking from the Plenary floor, said that it is not allowed to offer services to some people through private insurance, which the citizens actually pay for.

But he stated that several parastatals in the past, instead of demanding increases, were given medical care contributions.

He indicated that this is why the Parliament should not intervene in agreements regulated by contracts.

He also mentioned that some services included in the GESY, such as dental services, are "underperforming" and argued that a portion of civil servants are served with the specific contracts.



29 March 2024